Matoba Equine Estate

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What is our motivation:
Country style living - Traditional farm style culture - Condominium style ownership - Shared recreation space - Boarding for horses - Training facilities for horse and owner - A community of passionate horse lovers - Nature conservation - Wild life protection

Broad Description of the Development

This development will consist of various entities that will all co-exist and complement each other. There will be basically three types of activities taking place at various locations on the farm, and described as follows:

Description of Land
Activity List under Consideration

Horse riding on the trails - Mountain Biking  -  Walking routes  -  Snow Shoeing  -  Ski Slope  -  Tobago Slope  -  Cross Country Running  -  Bird Watching  -  Wild Life Photography  -  Several Research Projects of the wide selection of Fauna and Flora  -  Barrel Racing  -  Rodeo  -  Roping  -  Equine Agility  -  Horse Schooling and Rider Training - Gymkhana  -  Cross Country Horse Racing  -  Country Side Music Festivals  -  Treasure Hunting Games  -  Paint Ball Games  -  Student Educational Tours  -  Camping Expeditions  -  Survival Courses  -  Fishing

The above items are only a list under consideration. Any item may be removed form the list and new items may be added if found to be appropriate.

Project Manager: Daniel du Toit
Mobile: +1 (204) 720 5403
Postal: Box 10, Site 240, RR3, Brandon, R7A5Y3
Farm: 60080, Road 119W, Riverdale, Manitoba